Fatigue Management Course

Been there, tried everything and still no nearer to managing fatigue?

Acknowledging fatigue as a real, unfortunate cost as well as a safety and performance risk, will lead to more effective management of especially shift workers.  The temporary inability, decrease in ability, or strong disinclination to respond to a situation, because of previous over-activity, either mental or physical, not only leads to accidents but also has an immense impact on employee productivity and overall wellbeing.

Workshop Outcomes:

Learn to manage fatigue from a holistic perspective
Learn, by means of engagement and inclusivity, to recognise the value of dealing with fatigue strategically
Achieve more sustainable results over time.

About the Workshop:

This course looks at industry trends; the proís and conís around managing fatigue unilaterally versus systemically; and the value proposition around positioning fatigue management as part of an overall wellbeing strategy rather than only as a safety risk initiative. 

By applying the knowledge gained through this two day workshop delegates will be able to pro-actively identify and manage fatigue root causes that will ultimately lead to enhanced safety, performance and staff well-being.

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