Wellness Coaching

  • Wellness Coaching involves a completely confidential relationship where issues can be discussed openly and where the coach takes the role of a trusted friend and confidant.

  • The process is structured and committed to the growth and development of the client.

  • As a starting point, an introduction to and individual assessment of the clientís Emotional Intelligence (EQi) is completed. This gives insight into the clientís Intra- and Inter-personal skill sets, their Stress Management ability, level of Adaptability and General Mood. This, along with a comprehensive First Interview assists in goal setting and mapping of the coaching path to be followed.

  • A journey comprising of between 6-8 sessions is then entered into, where the coach and client wok towards achieving the goals set.

  • The first 3 sessions are usually set out on a weekly basis, thereafter the remaining sessions usually occur every second week (comprising approximately a three to four month process in total).

  • Sessions will be held at the Mandala offices in Rivonia Road, Sandton in order to enable the client to come to a neutral, non work-related venue.

  • Usually if, during the coaching process, medical or other problems are identified, necessary referrals to the appropriate professionals are made for the client to attend to under the guidance and follow-up of the coach.

  • In order for the client to measure their goals and growth path, a follow-up EQi measurement and interpretation can be done at the end of their process.

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